Progress in Solar Energy – Latest Special Issue of Solar Energy

Elsevier and the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) are pleased to announce the latest release of the publication Progress in Solar Energy – a special issue of the journal Solar Energy.

csm_progress_in_solar_energy_cover_800px_14553850feMay 2016 Freiburg, Germany, Global interest in renewable energy, increased research and development activities around the world, and dissemination of ideas faster than ever before, gave rise to the publication Progress in Solar Energy. The publication is a new format of communicating in-depth review articles in the field of solar energy research, to better transfer information from leading authorities.

“Progress in Solar Energy provides outstanding articles of great interest to renewable energy researchers world-wide”, writes Prof. D. Yogi Goswami, Editor-in-Chief of Solar Energy, in the editorial introduction.

Progress in Solar Energy is a special issue series within the established journal Solar Energy, the flagship publication of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), which is published by Elsevier.

The latest issue of Progress in Solar Energy was released in April 2016 in Volume 128 of Solar Energy, and is available on Elsevier’s online platform Science Direct. It includes detailed scientific peer-reviewed articles on various topics including solar resources, solar thermal collectors and systems, innovations in zero energy buildings and power generation via PV, and solar chimneys. The articles are written by renowned scientists and will be a very welcome and helpful source of information for other researchers and many others working in the solar energy fields.

Fernanda Ogochi, Publisher of Solar Energy stated “We are delighted to publish Progress in Solar Energy Issue. We would like to thank the authors for sending their remarkable articles and the editors and the reviewers for their valuable contributions. We hope that the researchers are inspired when reading this Issue”.

The Progress in Solar Energy April 2016 issue contains the following review articles:

  • Extensive Worldwide Validation and Climate Sensitivity Analysis of Direct Irradiance Predictions from 1-min Global Irradiance
    • Authors: Christian A. Gueymard, Solar Consulting Services, USA; Jose A. Ruiz-Arias, University of Málaga, Spain
  • Development of a Solar Collector with a Stationary Spherical Reflector/Tracking Absorber for Industrial Process Heat
    • Authors: Shay Cohen; Gershon Grossman, Technion Kfar Saba, Israel
  • Drainback Solar Thermal Systems: A Review
    • Authors: Ruslan Botpaev; Yoann Louvet, Kassel University, Germany; Bengt Perers; Simon Furbo, Technical University of Denmark; Klaus Vajen, Kassel University, Germany
  • Innovating to Zero the Building Sector in Europe Minimizing the Energy Consumption, Eradication the Energy Poverty and Mitigating the Local Climate Change
    • Authors: Mat Santamouris, University of Athens, Greece
  • Solar Updraft Tower Power Generation
    • Authors: Xinping Zhou, Yangyang Xu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuhan, Hubei, China
  • Effects of Distributed PV Generation on California’s Distribution System, Part 1: Engineering Simulations
    • Authors: Michael A. Cohen; Duncan S. Callaway, University of California/Berkeley, USA
  • Effects of Distributed PV Generation on California’s Distribution System, Part 2: Economic Analysis
    • Authors: Michael A. Cohen; P.A. Kauzmann; Duncan S. Callaway, University of California/Berkeley, USA

The articles can be found online at Science Direct:

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About the International Solar Energy Society (ISES)

The International Solar Energy Society (ISES), was founded in 1954 and is a non-profit membership organization with members all over the world. ISES serves as a center for information on research and development in solar energy utilization.

Through its publications and conferences, the Society provides a global forum for the science and advancement of solar energy.

About Elsevier

Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals, empowering them to make better decisions, deliver better care, and sometimes make ground breaking discoveries that advance the boundaries of knowledge and human progress.

Elsevier provides web-based, digital solutions — among them ScienceDirect, Scopus, Elsevier Research Intelligence and ClinicalKey— and publishes over 2,500 journals, including The Lancet and Cell, and more than 33,000 book titles, including a number of iconic reference works. Elsevier is part of RELX Group plc, a world-leading provider of information solutions for professional customers across industries.


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